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About EDV Productions

Founded in 2006, Eau De Vie Theatre production brings to you today and tomorrow’s finest Christian performing events through music, arts, culture, and humanities. 

Heartily dedicated to producing, promoting, and executing nothing less than excellent, uplifting events with unforgettable experiences.

Get ready to be dazzled with inspirational musical and Theatre art from heaven; Yes! EDV Family proudly stands on its vision: Rejuvenate today’s Theatre and art industry with premier hidden talents from our communities. The Eau de Vie Theatre is also known as the official Label of the Eau de Vie Family Production.

Formal Play Performance

New Covenant Assembly | To Die and Rise In Christ | 2008

EDV Theatre & Youth For Christ Ministries ​

Canada Christian College | TDARIC  |  2009

Gospel Connection & EDV Theatre

Faith Impact Ministries | TDARIC Cover | 2010

EDV Theatre & Gospel Connection

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