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All, Welcome!

Are you a Christian who loves God?
Are you anywhere from 8 to 55 with acting or singing, or dancing abilities? 

This call is for you!  

Eau De Vie Theatre, 

In collaboration with the NCA Youth (New Covenant Assembly Youth),

is showcasing its new musical play entitled:  

“From the sixth to the ninth hour!”  
This play surrounds an epic time of bible days when Jesus, our Lord, and Saviour,

was to take upon the greatest life episode of all times!

This play production is an inspirational story, both dramatic and musical,

with a bit of twist for fun humor.

Come on and join our fun, friendly, loving casting party for a memorable event!


Why should you continue to hide your secret talents or gift for yourself!
Use what the Loooord gave you!!


This is your opportunity!  

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How do the auditions work?

In order to build the perfect casting team possible, there will be two parts audition,
and you will need to make it to the 2nd cut selection to be part of the final team.

1st Part audition consists of a freestyle monologue,
anywhere from 45 sec to 2 mins maximum;
all right from your phone or any camera (selfie pose not accepted, should be hands-free)!

Should you make the first cut:
2nd Part audition consists of a live monologue performance from the script
(Script role options, date, address, etc. will be sent to you accordingly)

Should you make the second cut:

Our staff will contact you, and an email including the entire final cast will be sent out with next steps instructions.

However, should you be a good candidate in a fulfilled selection?
Do not get discouraged as Eau De Vie Theatre will have plenty of opportunities in the future that you may not need to audition for 😊

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How Do I Register?

Step 1:
From any camera type of your choice, introduce yourself clearly:
Name, contact info, and let us know about you in 30 sec or less, and finally, let us know what you selected as your freestyle monologue.

Step 2: 
Perform a freestyle monologue from 45 sec to 2 mins maximum.


Step 3:
Save your recordings and submit a video via email, WhatsApp, or a youtube link:  Or 647-534-9632
Please email us or contact us should you have any issues with your filming submission.

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 What is a Freestyle Monologue?

First, a monologue consists of a speech by one actor in a play or movie or

as part of a theatrical performance.

Second, “Freestyle” refers to a scenario, role-play, and an act of your choice
(no rules & be free but considerate).


Third, your Freestyle monologue can be acting, and/or singing, and/or dancing
(one of or all together)
Fourth and final… Be free and creative, have fun!  

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 Am I being compensated once selected?

The short answer is ‘No”!

The reasonable longer answer:
This is a voluntary role and play, made for the community at large,
with the purpose to save a life & reach out to the youth.
Although you will not be compensated,

please be advised that the same play will be magnified in 2023-2024 to a more prominent showcase from which you will gain priority qualification

and become a compensated actor accordingly.

Furthermore, you may also obtain high consideration to be part of

the EDV Theatre acting crew, which will become a future paid position.    

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Rules & Best-practice

  • The deadline for submission is Saturday, March 19, 9:00 pm (Do not wait last minute, send today if possible!)

  • Cannot use another actor or supporting actor on your audition ( or no backup singers).

  • Cannot use special effects, visual nor vocal.

  • Cannot use a phone recording older than 6 months; your recording should be fresh and recent.

  • You are allowed to impersonate from any acting, singer, or dancer; however, you must provide a source reference.

  • Be courteous and be yourself at all times; acting should not be your 2face personality or spirit lol!

  • You will be evaluated on overall talent, stage presence, showmanship, and level of creativity. Of course, all costumes, props, songs, etc., must be family-friendly.

  • Smile! Having a smile on your face tells us you’re having fun and want to be there – a smile goes a long way.  

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